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Things to Know When Building a Floating Deck

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A floating deck is quite simple to build. It is also very attractive and adds value to your home. Oftentimes, a floating deck is also known as a “grade-level” deck. The reason for this is that they’re simply built above the ground level, also known as “grade”.

If you add a floating deck in your property, it can offer a much-needed space for a hammock, a grill, a piece of patio furniture, and other amenities for your backyard.

Best Wood for Building a Floating Deck

In building the frame of a floating deck, you should always utilize pressure-treated lumber. It is even a lot better if you can look for ground contact pressure-treated lumber. The additional process that this type of board goes through safeguards them from the extra risk of decline from being so close to the ground. A lot of types of lumber make elegant decking material. You can consider cedar or redwood.

Benefits of a Floating Deck

There are a lot of benefits that you can get whenever you install a floating deck. Aside from the fact that it does not require a building permit, a floating deck is far faster and simpler to build compared to elevated decks. Since they are very close to the ground, they do not require handrails and they do not need frost depth footings. Maintaining and fixing them is simple since a floating deck is just ground-level. Also, you can simply lift up the deck and transfer it to a new area if you want to move it.

Floating Decks and Building Codes

The fact that you likely will not require getting a permit to build it is one of the best advantages of a floating deck. According to the International Residential Code, you will not require a permit for your floating deck if your deck meets the particular criteria. For local regulations, you should always examine with your local building department.

Here are the following criteria you have to follow:

  • Your floating deck should not be in front of an egress door.
  • Your floating deck should not be attached to your home.
  • Your floating deck should not be more than 2.5 feet above the ground.
  • Your floating deck should take up less than 200 square feet

A professional Norwich handyman can help you build your dream deck if you don’t have any tools or skills in building one.

Taking Care of Your Floating Deck

After you build your floating deck, you have to take care of it to maintain its beauty. Plan to reseal and pressure wash it each year if you want your deck to keep its texture and color. Every unsealed deck will turn gray and begins to crack over time. Typically, cedar and redwood tend to age better compared to other materials. However, they will fall victim to age eventually. You should think about composite decking instead if you really want a floating deck that requires little maintenance. The wood-resin composite material will keep its original appearance for many years with low maintenance and a little cleaning.

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Hiring your Contractors for your Home Building Project

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When you buy a parcel of land to build your new home in, it is both exciting and a little bit filled with apprehension. This is something that you would feel simply because it is something that you can consider as a great move for your next investment. So, don’t ever forget to do the best that you can about the entire thing.

It is something, that you can consider as important if you are looking for contractors or new home builders Northern River you should do your best for the job at hand. This will make the whole job a lot easier to deal with in the long run as well.

In this article, you will learn the things that you can look for in your contractor when you are thinking of hiring one for the job. It is an important thing for you to do in the long run so, you should have that as best as you can.


You need to do your research for the job that you can do for. It is an important thing for you to consider that you do the best that you can for it. It is an important thing to do because it will make the whole thing a lot easier to work with. So, if you know your builders you can get a very satisfactory job.


You should always ask for an estimate for the job at hand. It’s important for you to consider this because this would mean that you can compare the estimates of your potential contractors. This will make the job a lot easier for you and it will make the whole thing a lot satisfactory in the long run.


You should also make sure that your contractors carry valid insurance. This could be a personal liability insurance, workers compensation insurance or a property damage coverage insurance. If they have all three it is a lot better if they don’t pick out the best of the three. It will protect you and your project in case of accidents.


It is important for you to ask if the builders would have subcontractors for the job that you have. This is an important part for you to ask, so you should know if you will be working with the contractors itself or there will be others doing the job.


You should have a written contract with your contractor. This is a binding document so, it would help you in case of scams. In the contract things like quantity, quality, pricing brand should be written down for perusals. Schedule and even the way you pay them should also be written there for legality and protection.

So, in other words, if you do the things that could protect you from headaches now, it would be a lot easier for you to make sense of things in the building process as well.

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Summer Occasions You Will Want to Hire Chauffeured Vehicle For

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Everyone definitely loves summer heat, beaches, and travels. The weather condition gets warm and the days get longer, there are a lot of outdoor activities and exciting indoor places to be with your family and friends and there is nothing to complain about, actually. As a matter of fact, living in a place where there is always something happening whether it is a concert to attend or an outdoor festival.

With a lot of exciting events and happenings occurring over the next few days or even months, you will want to hire a chauffeured transportation service to make the day of the event even more unforgettable, magical and most importantly, free of stress. However, which occasions should you hire a chauffeured transportation service for? The following are some of the events wherein you should be hiring a professional and highly reliable chauffeured transportation service:

1. Summer Concerts

A music scene or concert has always been the best, or if not, one of the most spectacular things about certain places. With incredible and exceptional venues, there are a lot of upcoming concerts or music scenes to fill your night. Concerts are indeed made better when you are accompanied by your friends or family which can turn on those boring moments into an unforgettable one all night long. What is more exciting than attending and enjoying the concert with friends or family is hiring a special event transportation service such as a New Orleans party bus rental from and to the venue.

Aside from that, you as well as your entourage can actually enjoy your time without any worries of having yourself get drunk since there is a professional and experienced driver to send you all back to your hotels or apartments in a true VIP manner and will keep the car you’ve rented stocked full of beverages and also, have an air conditioning running so that you can beat the summer heat.

2. Summer Festivals

Three words – food, drinks and outdoor activities. Of course, if those 3 words are put up together, it can mean just one: outdoor festivals. Basically, an outdoor festival is one of the most unforgettable and exceptional occasions during the summer months and there is no reason not to enjoy and get outside the sweet summertime.

For sure, this type of events requires plenty of walking. In order to save yourself some hydration and time, and at the same time, hire an amazing chauffeured transportation service. The air conditioning system of all rental car companies will surely be running all the time and experience the refreshing temperature, and bottles of cold water will also be ready.

3. Summer Weddings

It does not really matter if you have only had gone traveling once during the summer months however, everybody can definitely agree that summer is a very hot time of the year. Summer wedding events, most of the time, take place outdoors so the need to hire for a professional chauffeured transportation service is highly considered.

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Ways to Replace Your Car Key

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A lot of people often ask what the quickest and cheapest ways are to replace a lost car key. If you are one of them, don’t worry. We can help you. Today, we are going to talk about the best options for a car key replacement.

A Car Locksmith

Since a car locksmith will have all the required tools to replace all kinds of keys they are typically the cheapest option. They also have tools for almost every car manufacturer model.

Furthermore, an auto locksmith will be the fastest option since most of them provide a mobile service and are professionals with locks and keys.

Several car locksmiths often carry key programming equipment. Therefore, they’ll be able to replace keys for almost all make and model of vehicles.

Car Insurance Provider

Oftentimes, car keys aren’t covered by insurance firms. Also, it might vary on certain conditions as to whether the policy covers it. Every insurance firm will have various terms and conditions.

In addition to that, your “no-claim-bonus” might be affected if you claim on your insurance. Thus, it may cost you in the long run.

Car key Cover

A few companies provide a car key cover policy as a premium add-on. This is a policy where you can replace your keys. However, typically, this is an additional payment on top of your vehicle insurance.

Other insurance companies provide a standalone key cover policy. However, some of them don’t cover problems such as stolen car keys.

Also, you have to keep in mind that these companies will hire a specialist car locksmith to get the job done. Thus, it’s much better if you directly contact a locksmith instead.

Car Breakdown Service

Several roadside assistance services might able to replace car key. However, this could vary on the type of car you need to replace. It also varies on the equipment that the company has onboard on their car. Thus, this service can be slow.

You can be in for a long wait if the roadside assistance service has the right key coding equipment.

This is the reason why car locksmiths are typically the best option.

Furthermore, most roadside assistance services hire a car locksmith to do the job. Thus, directly going to a locksmith is the fastest option.

Franchised Auto Dealership

It might be the most costly option if you go to your auto dealership. It can also take the longest time. The auto dealer won’t have all the required tools, compared to a car locksmith. In addition to that, you will be the one who’ll have to visit them.

Since the dealership might have to order a key blank, you may have to wait for a long time to get your replacement key. Furthermore, most of these auto dealerships do not have the required diagnostic equipment and necessary key programming on-site. That’s why most of them hire a car locksmith. So, if you’re in a hurry, the best thing you can do is to contact a local locksmith company.

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