The task of the reviewer is an objective evaluation of the work, that is, of all its merits and demerits, which explains the high requirements for the author of the review.

Different people also make reviews of different writing subjects. A film critic makes a review of the film. The review of the article deals with the scientific adviser. The authors, as a rule, review the books. These reviews have different writing rules.

First of all, it is necessary to draw up a clear plan for writing a review. It is they who will guide you in the process of writing.

That analyzes the reviewer: meaning of the name, the analysis of form and content, the author’s skill and his way of presenting the basic idea, the description of the individual style of the writer, product evaluation and reflection of the author on the review of the product: the basic idea of the review, the relevance of the product.

How to make a good review

To qualitatively make a review it is necessary to consider the quality of writing a work of art and to highlight in it the originality of the plot.

The whole it must necessarily be written in one tone – it can be: cheerful, instructive or cognitive.

In the review it’s necessary to highlight all the mistakes of the author, which he did in his work.

In the review it’s desirable to express all the feelings experienced by the reviewer when reading or viewing the work.

All your thoughts are stated in detail and maximally justified.

The review should not contain profanity or calls for violence.

What must not be allowed when writing reviews: review written in the form of a restatement of the product, lack of reasoning, unclear thoughts of the reviewer, too many descriptions of minor details, illiterate use of literary terms.

Begin to write a review of the book from the title, because the title is the face of any article. Next, proceed to a brief description of the main characters and events from the book. Try to distinguish each character by name, so that the reader understands who is talking about.