Essay is a composition, which has to be based on a given topic that reveals and justifies the opinion expressed in its title. Essay translated from the French language means “attempt.”

An essay is characterized by its simplicity. The main description of the subject should not be in strict academic form. It is something intermediate between the genre of article and the genre of review, where it is important to perceive an author. Essay is a bit more than a review, and a bit less than an article that is a scientifically critical genre.

An essay is less scientific.

This interesting literary form has been used for a long time in the universities of Europe and America at the period of exam sessions. According to European standards, the requirements for exam essays are the same as for the simplest scientific work. In recent years, exams in the form of essay was introduced in Russia. It is like a test on the proficiency of students. It tests an ability to study, his ability to master the terms, logically write their own and others’ thoughts, draw conclusions from the above. Essay allows you to identify intellectual and creative abilities.

Essay can be written from each subject, but usually essays are used in the humanities, where, along with knowledge, the author’s position is important as well.

Text processing

To write an essay, you have to learn how to work with someone else’s lyrics. Choose a topic that is interesting for you and read the text without thinking about its content, easily and quickly from start to finish. Do not try to immediately memorize, write, underscore. It will seem to you that every phrase is the main point.

At the first stage, it is very useful to read the topics of the textbook from where you have to take an information. You have to flip through the book, but not dive into the text, grasping the meaning of it thoroughly. Conduct a multiple brainstorms. Flight over topics like an airplane flies over cities without landing at the airfield. Therefore, you cultivate the habit of quick grasping through the content of the question.