online essay writer

There are times in your academic life and not only, when you need to have someone do your assignments for you. Most of us might have already used an online writing platform for that matter. Of course you were always wondering who was actually writing your essays and if they would turn any good. We decided to shed some light into the essay writing industry talk a little about the writers behind an online writing service.

How do they choose their writers?

A serious, top-notch writing service hires people with MAs or PhDs who will only write about their areas of expertise. They will have to be native English speakers, of course. They will also have to pass certain tests before becoming writers for that specific service and they would also have their educational background checked. There are other small writing services that outsource their work to freelance writers. In this case, you can’t really know what you’re going to get for your money. What is the job of a good essay writer? Putting a voice to a standard-form essay, putting something unique in there to surprise the reader and also make him believe.

Essay writers are just humans

If you think an essay writer is some sort of a super hero who will help you get your assignment done in good time, you are wrong. An essay writer is:

  • Someone who is really specialized in a certain field and will only write with ease on that specific subject. For academic writing jobs, you need such a writer who knows what he’s talking about. A writing service that respects itself will pair you with someone good in the specific field you require.
  • Someone who needs to receive clear explanations of what you need in your paper, since he cannot read your mind or foresee what your teacher needs from you. The first job when working with a professional writer is on you: you need to give him clear directions as to what you need in your paper.
  • Someone who doesn’t sell himself short. A PhD writer won’t ask for $5 to write you a whole thesis. Expect prices that are based on the academic level of the writer.

There are good writers and bad writers. How to tell one from the other?

First of all, you need to be able to recognize the bad kind. They are, in a few words, people who are not prepared enough and charge a lot for a poor service. There are a few symptoms here: a bad writer will provide you with rewritten papers so that they might pass some plagiarism check tool. No original content. There can be worse than this and you can get completely plagiarized content. So, would you pay for that?

A good writer, working for a service with a good reputation has a different pattern of working:

  • The writer always stays in touch with the client. They can even include the student client in the process. A good writer first makes an outline on the subject and then gets to work.
  • There won’t be any rewritten, plagiarized or paraphrased writing.
  • If the writer you’re working with knows how to take criticism and is willing to work with you on certain aspects of the writing that need revision, then he is a professional worth working with in the future as well.

But all these things you will only find out after you’ve placed your order and got your paper back. If it’s a bad writer and a bad paper, there’s not much you can do. So, you need to read the reviews for a writing service first, before plunging head forward into working with it.

You can always evaluate your writer

How? Always ask for updates and state your remarks regarding the work very clearly so the writer can revise the work in the process. This way you can be sure you’re really getting what you want. After you’ve received the paper, read it thoroughly and see if it’s what you were looking for. See if the content is absolutely unique and fits your requirements 100%. Then you can fill in a review form that they usually provide via e-mail in which you can evaluate the writer and your overall experience.

If the paper is not what you expected, ask for revisions right away. State your reasons for doing so very clearly and prepare data and quotes from the work to support your ideas. If they will proceed with your revisions right away, then you know you are working with a top writing service that not only wants your money, but also your satisfaction. If not, you’ll know not to ask for their services ever again.

We hope this was a useful guide as to how to carefully use a writing service that actually works in your service and not their own. We wish you happy writing!