This isn’t only a research paper prepared by a graduate student or other competitor to obtain a degree. This study, for everyone who has read out, should become clear, why it is written, what new it gives to science and whether its results are applicable in practice.

If we look in public sources for an answer to the question what is a thesis, then the definition will be more or less accurate: “This is a strictly defined form of scientific work, having a scientific and qualitative character, prepared specifically for public protection and with a view to obtaining a scientific degree” .

It, in accordance with the definition, must meet strictly defined criteria:

the relevance of the issues raised;

novelties for modern science;

practical applicability, for the sake of competition, you can’t write it on the table.

This work needs to be written to highlight the issues of interest to the scientific community and create a fundamentally new knowledge. When these goals can be achieved, the graduate student becomes a candidate of science.

The genre of the thesis as a scientific work requires a clear understanding of why each argument and each formula is presented, all of which should be an illustration of the result. The definition of a scientist as a researcher is possible with the correct solution of two problems:

choice of topic;

choice of supervisor.

Choosing a topic for a dissertation as a scientific work, the scientist should focus on the recommendations of his supervisor, it should correspond to his specialty, be innovative and allow to receive concrete results important for a particular sector of the economy.

The topic is chosen fundamental, and not obsolete a few months after the defense. The supervisor should be an expert in the direction in question and have a degree.

The author is obliged to combine in the composition and a greater degree of respect for the traditions of the scientific community and the maximum freedom available to him in studying the subject and drawing conclusions.

 Work that is not a means for obtaining a degree can be written in a less formal genre and without the intention of avoiding a series of observations that can lead to an unexpected or innovative work of independent value. Also, the author can afford more freedom in his doctoral dissertation, when he will become a recognized scientist, an expert in his field and he will not have to prove his worth.